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ETTER Fruit Brandies - since 1870

Discover for yourself the finest Swiss fruit brandies from 100% Swiss fruit. Produced for generations by connaisseurs for connaisseurs. For deliveries abroad please contact our Overseas Distributors. We are happy to advise you and wish you every enjoyment with our products.

Distisuisse 2021/2022 - ETTER Fruit Brandies with gold medals

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Original Etter Zuger Kirsch AOP 70cl, 41% vol
This fruity, elegant classic is distilled from various types of cherries from our region. A harmonious blend of various batches and years. The classic Etter Zuger Kirsch.

Original Etter Vieille Kirsch 70cl, 42% vol
This speciality gets its fine aromatic, delicate, elegant flavour by being carefully aged in wooden barrels and 50-litre demijohns. The kirsch with the feminine touch, milder thanks to the barrel storage. Complete harmony. DistiSuisse Award 2021 - Gold medal Vieille Kirsch DistiSuisse Award 2019 - Gold medal Vieille Kirsch

Etter Zuger Kirsch vintage 2008 70cl, 42% vol
Fruit brandy from the single 'Lauerzer' variety of mountain cherry is only produced in years of good harvest. Bottling is only carried out after maturing in the traditional way in 50-litre demijohns for at least 6 years. We have been distilling this vintage kirsch for more than 60 years.Our oldest is the legendary 1949 vintage which is still available for purchase!

Etter Wildkirsch / wild cherry 2013 - limited quantity of 977 bottles 70cl, 42% vol
Wild cherry trees which grow in our surrounding forests produce an incredibly harmonious and elegant cherry with a soft taste.

Etter Weichselkirsch / sour cherry 2009 - limited quantity of 1635 bottles 70cl, 42% vol
The unique characteristic of this exceptional speciality product is the rich and fruity almond flavour produced by the sour cherry. This cherry has a distinctly different flavour to all other cherry varieties.

JOHNETT 2012 - Aged 10 years - Swiss Single Malt Whisky 70cl, 44% vol
JOHNETT 2012 - Aged 10 years - Swiss Single Malt Whisky distilled in May 2010 44% vol - using 100% regional resources. Local mash from barley malt supplied by the Baar brewery, distillation in the house of Etter, spring water from the nearby stalactite caves in Baar and oak barrels from the top-quality Rosenau wine-growing estate, all interact to produce finally a product that combines regionality, authenticity and the highest quality .

RUM1823 - Swiss Rum 70cl, 40% vol
The name RUM1823 pays homage to our ancestors. RUM1823 is distilled according to an old, almost forgotten, secret family recipe. Our RUM1823 matures for at least seven years in used American Bourbon wooden barrels in our maturation cellar. The content speaks for itself: Full-bodied, orange, liquorice, fleeting wood flavour, caramel, long, warming finale.