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ETTER Fruit Brandies - since 1870

Discover for yourself the finest Swiss fruit brandies from 100% Swiss fruit. Produced for generations by connaisseurs for connaisseurs. For deliveries abroad please contact our Overseas Distributors. We are happy to advise you and wish you every enjoyment with our products.

Distisuisse 2023/2024 - ETTER Fruit Brandies with gold medals

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Etter Retro Kirsch 70cl, 42% vol
With this Retro-Kirsch we particularly want to remember our ancestor, Farmer Johann Baptist Etter, who from 1823 onwards distilled his own cherry crop. With skill and passion our master distiller has created this Retro-Kirsch from a variety of well-matured Kirsch vintages. Complex, intensive and aromatic, full of character – a limited edition in numbered bottle.

Original Etter Vieille Prune / Plum 70cl, 41% vol
Vieille Prune is a wonderful, delicate plum speciality made from small Swiss Löhr plums. Its fruity and full-aromatic flavour comes from 3 years of careful ageing in barrels and 50 litre demijohns. A delight to the palate. DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal Vieille Plum

Original Etter Pear Williams 70cl, 42% vol
This is the most exciting way to get to know a 'Williams'. Around 11 kg of fully-ripened yellow Williams pears from the Wallis region are needed for one single 70cl bottle of this exquisite, fruity eau de vie. DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal Pear Williams

Original Etter Zuger Kirsch AOP 70cl, 41% vol
This fruity, elegant classic is distilled from various types of cherries from our region. A harmonious blend of various batches and years. The classic Etter Zuger Kirsch.

Original Etter Gin 70cl, 40% vol
Even by producing gin, we are still remaining true to our homeland. Due to the local herbs, the 75 exquisite botanicals, the addition of Etter Kirsch and the unique cherry blossom essence, the Etter Gin achieves its unmistakable taste.The content speaks for itself: Rich in aroma, refreshing fragrance of orange blossom and lemon peel. Elegant with harmoniously integrated, spicy nuances, pleasantly fresh and mild to the taste. Long-lasting finale.