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Etter Haselnüsseli / Hazelnut 40% vol 

The finely roasted hazelnuts, imported from Italy, were processed and distilled. This distillate was seasoned for 24 months in 50-litre wicker carboys (demijohns), bringing it to a harmonious whole. Etter’s Hazelnut will delight you with its harmony of intensive nut flavour, hints of caramel and nougat and finally with its lingering aftertaste.
Original Etter Haselnüsseli / Hazelnut 35cl, 40% vol
After the distillation of the gently-roasted hazelnuts, the distillate is seasoned in 50-litre demijohns, bringing it to a harmonious whole. The roasting temperature of the hazelnuts, ingeniously thought-out by Etter, results in an unusual taste and a fascinatingly enjoyable experience. DistiSuisse Award 2023 - Gold medal Hazelnut DistiSuisse Award 2017 - Gold medal Hazelnut